Monday, May 9, 2011

candy necklace no. 5

so in a state of creative contemplation one night, i found myself with a brand new order of colorful ceramic disc beads. i pondered what to do with them for quite some time... after throwing them into a big bowl with some colorful glass beads and some aqua seed beads (this is a trick in the creative process i use quite often), i came up with this crazy necklace. it's a mix of those charms, glass beads, size 11 aqua seed beads, and some silver metal beads. i closed this piece with a silver lobster clasp. and here it is... the candy necklace. i gave it that name because the ceramic discs remind me of candy necklaces. this necklace can also be worn as one long strand, doubled up, or wrapped around your wrist for a funky bracelet... so bright and colorful, and a little eccentric, but fun all the same!!

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